About the campsite

In April 1998, Bert and Nel Eigenbrood from Lisse signed the sale contract for an old farm with surrounding bit of land, just outside Perticara. With the purchase, a long nurtured dream came to life: our own place in Italy to create a beautiful camp site. After years of preparation, we began in the summer of 1998 with the great construction: the old farmhouse was turned into a building with space for reception, restaurant, recreation areas and wash rooms. The terrain gained a swimming pool, terraces, sewerage, water pipes and electricity. After a year of hard work, we were able to welcome the first guest in 1999 and since then our rustic and welcoming campsite has been pretty much full every year. Each year we look forward to our summer season, bringing us so many wonderful guests to enjoy the sunshine, the peace and the area. Which is exactly what we came looking for here more than ten years ago. We are proud to say that our Italian dream has come true!

Bert en Nel