In the area around Camping Perticara, you will find a treasure trove of (wild) flowers and plants. Because the farmers don’t overuse the area, flowers and plants all have the chance to grown and bloom here. During your walks along the roads and pastures you will find wild varieties of orchids, irises, hyacinths and cyclamens.

One camping guest made an inventory of the butterflies he encountered here: there were more than 35 types of butterfly, not including moths. Other guests have also found owls on the guy ropes. You might also see all kinds of birds (of prey) such as the falcon, eagle, nightingale, cuckoo and golden oriole. Roe deer and wild swans live close to the site itself.


Every mountain range should have a waterfall and the Apennines don’t disappoint. Just a forty minute drive from the site, you will find a so-called ‘cascade’: after a short walk of ten minutes, you will come to a place where the water tumbles down endlessly and where on quiet (week) days it is wonderful to linger. The little ones can build a dam in the water; braver people can jump from a great height into a little lake. But be warned: the water is ice cold!

WaterfallWB3 - Alfero